Artificial Intelligence

Revolutionize Your Advertising:
Harness the Power of AI for Unmatched Impact

Unlock the Future of Advertising

At V&K, we strive to redefine advertising through the application of Artificial Intelligence. Our AI-driven solutions are designed to understand content like humans, enabling us to enhance ad investment decisions with unparalleled analytical insights. By leveraging cutting-edge techniques such as language detection, emotion and sentiment analysis, topic extraction, and adaptive machine learning, we simplify content analysis and elevate your advertising’s impact. Our commitment to continuous innovation ensures your brand stays ahead of the curve, capturing consumer attention and fostering enduring brand power.

Human-Like Understanding

Our self-learning AI solutions replicate human understanding, allowing for more targeted and effective ad investment decisions.

A custom gold standard

We employ state-of-the-art techniques like emotion and sentiment analysis to refine your advertising strategy and maximize its impact.

Global Reach

With capabilities in 39 languages and 70 countries, our AI-driven advertising solutions empower your brand to make a lasting impression worldwide.

Our practices

We streamline our onboarding with a focused, efficient approach, prioritizing your unique requirements, working in the following practice areas.

MarCom & Tracking

We develop strategy and tailor agnostic online journeys and funnels, based on integrated data to optimize and transfer insights for actionable results.


Excite your customers and promote your brands, services and products with our functional solutions. From landing pages, websites and online shops to portals and integrations.

Smarter Performance

After years of development, we've successfully created Ai-based online marketing tools, operating on the cutting edge of technology with our proprietary tools