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Creating and managing Ai solutions and selecting the tech-stack and where warranted pitching the partners, based on Expertise, Innovation and Results . 

Our in-house Ai team possesses profound expertise in discerning solutions that are finely tuned to your business needs.


Getting started


Data collection

Tech stack preparation

AI Mastery: 
Navigating Your Path to Digital Innovation

At V&K, our dedicated Artificial Intelligence team exemplifies our commitment to specialized expertise. Our team of Ai specialists adeptly guides you through the selection and management of finding the ideal Ai solution, tech and team, ensuring a bespoke approach that aligns with your specific business needs. Their deep understanding of Ai intricacies simplifies your path to digital innovation, transforming challenging processes into strategic, result-oriented solutions.


Our process

Support Tickets: Your Foundation for Ai Success

Begin your Ai journey with our tailored Support Tickets, designed to cover the critical first stage(s) of intake and data collection. In the intake phase, our tickets enable you to define and refine your Ai project goals, align requirements, engage stakeholders, and assess feasibility with clear evaluation criteria resulting in a full understanding of the project scope, approach, functional design and prospective pricing. 

5 days

10 days

15 days


How many days will I need?

In case your project is more complicated and if you prefer a first ballpark estimate of the time required, we are happy to provide you such estimate up-front. In that case, please request access to our briefing tooling. This gives you the option to give us clear instructions, after which we can give you our best estimate.
Our terms and conditions apply to all transactions.



We save time, if you can give us clear instructions. Therefore we provide a dedicated and of charge briefing process. 

An online dashboard is made available for all our support ticket customers. Here you have a real time and 100% transparent report of the time we used, what we used it for, and the time still available. We are all about transparency.

Yes, we can provide a pragmatic timeline and budget for the project. Once we complete Phase 1, the intake process, we will have a clearer understanding of the scope and requirements, allowing us to outline a more precise schedule for the subsequent phases to ensure timely and successful completion.

Yes, absolutely. Did your ticket expire? Don’t worry! We will be happy to extend the validity of any remaining hours. How? Simply purchase a new support ticket or project within 12 months after the expiration date and we will reactivate the remaining balance.  With this added flexibility, you can fully enjoy the benefits of your support ticket.