Business accelerating strategies, tactics and implementation

Media Driven Growth Architects

We create, build, track, and improve high-performing media assets and customer journeys, outperforming your competition.


Our goal is to ensure the highest performance of your media assets.

We are all about empowering your business by maximizing media asset performance for improved conversions and delivering strategic and operational impact. From developing a basic website and providing MarCom support to implementing full growth acceleration & change strategies, our funnels, technologies, and tooling are designed to deliver results.

Tailor made solutions

Our solutions are tailor-made and centered around our your goals. We deploy the use of data, media, our own expertise, and artificial intelligence in our offerings, providing pick-and-mix, BPO and end-to-end solutions. From small local businesses to corporates with household brands. All our activities serve one ultimate goal: to outperform!

Extensive experience

Our expertise is based on a wealth of experience in the digital, global advertising, and media industries, where we have successfully collaborated with a very diverse client portfolio. Today, we continue to work with clients in a variaty of industries, drawing on our extensive knowledge and expertise to deliver exceptional results.

Our practices

MarCom & Tracking

MarCom & Tracking

We develop strategy and tailor agnostic online journeys and funnels, based on integrated data to optimize and transfer insights for actionable results.



Excite your customers and promote your brands, services and products with our functional solutions. From landing pages, websites and online shops to portals and integrations.

Smarter Performance

Smarter Performance

After years of development, we've successfully created Ai-based online marketing tools, operating on the cutting edge of technology with our proprietary tools.

Smarter Performance

Participations & Investments

We strategically invest in promising projects that align with our values and vision. We provide support, industry expertise, and resources to accelerate growth, drive innovation and success.

Our passion & experience

Our passion lies in collaborating with clients who share our drive for gaining a competitive advantage through data-driven marketing solutions. We are committed to delivering innovative and effective strategies that exceed our clients’ expectations, and we thrive on the challenge of helping them outperform their competition.
Our diverse client portfolio includes globally recognized household brands, consumer durables, to local smaller sized & local businesses. Demonstrating our ability to tailor our expertise to a wide range of industries, clients and budgets. 

Your performance, our mission

At Vogel&Katz, our mission is to empower our clients’ success with measurable results that exceed their goals. Our focus is on delivering impactful strategies and solutions through optimized customer journeys, and innovative ideas. Our solutions are tailored to meet the individual needs of our clients, and we work tirelessly to ensure their success in a competitive market. Let us help you achieve your business goals and reach your full potential.


Our Practice Areas

We work in several interrelated and highly engaged areas that maximize your business goals.


We create strategic MarCom solutions, focusing on customer journey architecture and implementation, all aimed at ensuring your success.

Development & integrations

Our expert team creates everything you need, from basic websites and landing pages to complex portals. With your vision and our 400+ pre-built integrations, we're ready to build your ideal solution.


Business process outsourcing enables you to focus on core business aspects while experts efficiently handle other tasks.

Vendor Selection

Agency and technology selection involves choosing and managing external suppliers for services and infrastructure, with a focus on timely, cost-effective, and high-quality results.


We develop tailored funnels and customer journeys for your target audiences and persona's, delivering hands-on, intelligent, and results-driven solutions with accountability.


Performance management aims to "raise the level of the game" by utilizing the synergy between different disciplines to help you outperform your competition.


Consolidate data from funnels and pipelines into actionable dashboards, providing data-driven insights and clear conclusions for identifying next steps.

Artificial Intelligence

We merge human intelligence and AI for enhanced targeting and conversion. 100% GDPR compliant while boosting performance.


Agency and technology selection involves choosing and managing external suppliers for services and infrastructure, with a focus on timely, cost-effective, and high-quality results.


Alain Vogel


Leon Katz


How It Works

We streamline our onboarding with a focused, efficient approach, prioritizing your unique requirements


Collaborate closely to gain a deep understanding of your business needs and goals.


Craft custom strategies and an operational plan, leveraging our expertise and insights.

Take Action

Execute well-planned tactics to elevate your brand and deliver measurable results.